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Grade 3 Mathematics Workbook Term 1 2022

Original price was: R60.00.Current price is: R40.00.

77 pages filled with pictures integrated with Math concepts to make learning Math fun and enjoyable for little learners.

Ideal for Grade 3 learners at the beginning of the year, as well as intervention at the beginning of Grade 3/4.

Also designed for learners with Special needs and autism (adjusted curriculum).

Simple and easy especially designed to instill confidence in their abilities at the beginning of the year.

Some Life skills themes integrated.

Workbook includes the following concepts:

Front cover

Page dividers

Colour using the code (Colours and numbers)

Recognise numbers from 1 – 200

Know number names from 1 – 10

Write number symbols from 1 – 50

Number names in tens up to 100

Addition (+) up to 99

Subtraction up to 99

Number combinations to 10

Use the right symbols (+, -, =, ∆)

Patters with shapes and objects

Number patterns up to 100

Count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s

More than, less than and equal to

Arrange numbers from smallest to largest

Arrange numbers from largest to smallest

Ordinal numbers

Place value of 2-digit numbers up to 99

Decomposing of numbers

Doubling and halving

Divide – Fractions (Halves / Quarters)

Spatial Orientation

Follow instructions on a map

Price: R40


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