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Project 1: Grade 4 English Home Language or First Additional Language – Legend – Brochure (2024)

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Legend: Racheltjie de Beer (E.N. Marais) – Logo / Poster / Brochure

This project encompasses all aspects as required by the (ATP) 2023 and the Western Cape manual (2023).

Suitable for Home Language or First Additional Language Grade 4 or 5, and even Grade 6 HL/FAL learners. The marks can be adjusted to be used for Grade 7 – the project provides ample guidance for the entire writing and research process.

Introductory Activity: Research information and how to conduct research as an introduction, as required in ATP for the first day or two.

Word Search: Learning research vocabulary

Timeline for the project to be completed

Pre-reading Activity: Predicting events through pictures to match the legend (included)

Read the legend and watch the video (link included) (text included): Rachel de Beer (E.N. Marais)

Crossword Puzzle (Discover the legend) – icebreaker

Research (10 points)

  • A page with hypotheses and answers is included as an introduction to the project.
  • Comprehension-type questions about the legend as an additional task to explore the legend and interact with the story (extra – this need not be part of the research).
  • Information about Rachel de Beer (extra information researched online) with comprehension questions as research guidance – suitable for learners new to the projects.
  • Create a poster of Rachel de Beer, the heroine.

Writing (30 points)

Craft Activity:

  • Planning – design your own logo to honour Rachel.
  • Then write a brochure to guide people on a tour.
  • Present your information about Racheltjie, as well as your brochure and logo.

All features, elements, research information, and frameworks are included for writing genres to ease the workload for teachers.

Oral Presentation (20 points) – Describe the project (guidelines and framework for the speech).

Approximately 50 pages.

A workbook of about 50 pages per learner to complete the entire process (print double-sided) – omit what you can project in class.

Includes rubrics and memoranda for all parts of the project.

Available in PDF and Word, but the Word document may sometimes shift the tables, etc., so use the corresponding PDF section and print it for learners.

Price: R50



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