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Grade 6 English First Additional Language FAT 9 Term 4 (2022)

Original price was: R70.00.Current price is: R50.00.

The assessment task includes all aspects and is designed according to departmental requirements.

Includes only FAT 9 (Controlled Test).

Writing task will be uploaded separately.

Consists out of 4 sections: 

Comprehension Test: Information text: Heritage day (10 marks)

Poem: South Africa, my country (10 marks)

Visual text: Poster (10 marks)

Summary: South Africa – A time line (order the events) (5 marks)

Language structure and -conventions (15 marks)

Total: 50 marks

Task includes Memorandum. Cognitive levels are included, as well as mark allocation per question.

Includes analysis of amount of questions per level per section.

After payment you will receive a PDF and Word file, in order to adjust school emblem / name as needed.

Price: R50


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