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Project: Grade 7 English HL or FAL Term 3 (2022)


Text: Short story The selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde) Non-Christian version

Story was adapted to suit any culture / religion.

Project includes all aspects as required by the ATP.

Suitable for Home Language or First Additional learners.

The project contains all the frameworks, guidelines and templates needed to complete the task successfully.

Introductory activity: Crossword puzzle

Research (20 marks) – Comprehension type questions about the story / author as a guide.

Writing task (30 marks) – Planning, make a poster about the author’s life / information.

Write a diary entry OR a dialogue with a comic strip.

All features of the texts are included plus sample texts to lighten the teachers workload.

Approximately 40 pages. 

Work booklet for learner to complete of about 30 + pages.

Presentation (20 marks) – Describe the project (guidelines and framework for the presentation included).

Includes information about genre and the author Oscar Wilde.

Story included.

Includes rubrics and memorandum.

Price: R70